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April 20 is not just a random day in the year.

The date is unofficially the national holiday for cannabis. Unlike holidays like Christmas or Easter, this holiday is part of a growing non-traditional counterculture.

The green plant will be smoked, dabbed, applied topically, cooked and baked in honor of the day. Although this year the holiday falls on the day before Easter Sunday, Southwest Wellness still believes the turnout will be higher compared to the other 364 days of the year!

There are many supposed origin stories to who coined the term “420.” The most believable one involves the Los Angeles Police Department. During the 1940s they instituted a police code “420” to classify a marijuana-involved crime. However, the most universally accepted coining of the term stems from a clique of high school students from California in 1971.

Referring to themselves as “The Waldos,” they would meet at a wall close to their high school at 4:20 p.m. to roll a joint and get high. Although there isn’t a universally accepted history regarding the celebration, the day draws thousands in attendance at festivals such as Hemp Fest in Seattle, or the Mile High 420 Festival in Denver.

Although Taos does not (yet) have a de-facto festival celebrating the occasion, Southwest Wellness does their very best to commemorate the day with specials, freebies and goodies galore!

This year they will celebrating the day with a brand new harvest, releasing 3 new strains in time for the big day: Grizzly Purple Kush, Cherries N’ Cream and Sunset Sherbet, plus starting today, all of their flower is back down to $11 per gram!

Along with the flower specials, there are new concentrates being released: Durban Poison Live Resin Diamonds, Cherries N’ Cream Live Resin Diamonds and Blue Dream Live Resin Diamonds and Cartridges.

On 4/20 All flower will be $8 and $9 a gram, while everything else in the store will be 20% off (excluding BLOOM products.)

Southwest Wellness are also offering free merchandise “swag bags” to customers who spend over $200.

The bag will include: – A SWW Shirt , a SWW Lighter,  a SWW Pipe and a SWW bumper sticker as a thank you to their loyal patients. If you don’t have your New Mexico Medical Marijuana Card yet, be aware that medical professionals on the premises, make it super easy to sign up for one at any time at Southwest Wellness.

Also, on top of that, the dispensary will be open from 8:00am – 8:00pm this Saturday. 4/20/2019!

Happy Green Day everyone!

For more on Southwest Wellness and all they offer, please visit their site linked below.